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4 oranges, I large tart apple,
2 bananas, I egg,
1-3 cup of sugar, 1 tablespoonful of brandy.
1 pint strawberries,

Cut the oranges in halves, scoop out the pulp, keeping the peel intact. Slice the bananas, and hull and slice the strawberries. Place all the materials on ice. Make a dressing of the apple, egg, sugar and brandy. Grate the apple and sprinkle it with sugar as you grate so as to keep it from turning dark ; add to it the brandy and unbeaten white of egg, and with a wire egg beater beat until it is stiff and fluffy. With sharp scissors cut the orange cups near the
top into scallops, and tie them together in pairs with baby ribbon. When ready to serve fill the orange cups with the prepared fruit and heap the dressing on top.

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